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We are celebrating the 35 th year of Mermerit A.S. Our patented article Mermerit is among the most highly recognised brands  in the industry today.  We are one of the leading companies in our field and are dedicated to using the most advanced techology in our designs and production.

We are not only a player in the domestic market. Our 35 years of experience has been gained in domestic and export markets.  We are specialized in Bathroom and Kitchen areas. We export primarily to Germany and England followed by Austria,Romania,Hungary,Belgium,Russia and Saudi Arabia. We have become an established and highly recognised brand in our export markets as well.

Over the past 10 years we have been working together with Germany’s largest shower enclosure Company “Huppe” and have exported a very impressive quantity of shower trays to date.

We have been supplying our goods mostly to bathroom and kitchen companies  along with construction companies in Europe. Some of our customers include Schulte Gmbh and Breuer in Germany, Just Trays, Ferratsi and EJ Badekabiner in the United Kingdom.

With 3000 square meters of closed area and 5000 square meters of open area, our factory has the capacity and the techology of producing 1000 tons per year.

Certified with the DIN standarts from Braunschweig University; our company’s primary aim is to supply the high quality goods for the market as well as achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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